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I am a big advocate of the boot camp “A Stronger You”  led by Dianna Akar.  I have walked 2 to 4 miles at least 5 days a week for years but never seemed to be able to lose any wieght or change my body in order to go down in size in my clothing.  A friend convinced me to give the boot camp a try last fall.  I was approaching my 60th birthday so I decided to give it a try.  If I didn’t make some changes in my body now and become stronger it was going to be too late.  I participated in the program two days a week all last fall till Thanksgiving.  I have now started back the first of March.  I am happy to report that I not only feel better but I have gone down in size in my clothing and actually lost 7 pounds.

Dianna is a great leader in that she encourages you to do the best that you can do.   She pushes you to go to your limit, but does not push you to exceed what your body can handle.

t1I have been working out with Dianna at A Strong You Fitness Boot Camp for the pass four months.  When I started boot camp in July, I was over 200 lbs and felt very uncomfortable in all my clothes. I avoided mirrors and cameras like the plague. My first boot camp session I thought I would pass out, but I kept going and now I’m stronger than I’ve ever been.  I can’t believe that I ever went shopping for clothes and thought that it was okay to buy clothing in the plus size section.  I started out in a size 16 and now I am in a size 12. I am continuing to lose inches and gain more energy than ever before.  Thanks Dianna.

– Angie Cooper, Charlotte, NC, Age 30


It has been a wonderful experience and I would encourage anyone to give it a try.  I was hesitant about working out outside but that has also been a good experience.  It is a good way to get that vitamin D that we all need.  I applaud Dianna for the good work that she is doing to make every one who attends  “A Stronger You”.  It is a great way to have fun, meet some very nice people of all ages and do something good for your health at the same time.,

– Cathy Huzl, Charlotte, NC,  Age 60

My journey with “A Strong You Boot Camp” began just 12 weeks ago.  I decided to start going because my sister and I had decided to run a half  marathon in honor of our late father. It had been a year since he passt2ed and we wanted to do something special to honor him. Running is something I didn’t do…. Not at all!! I was incredibly out of shape and needed help to even think about getting through this half marathon!  I did Dianna’s boot camp for only four weeks before my half marathon. She helped me so much and let’s just say, I ran the whole thing….13.1 miles… NON-STOP!!! Without her I would have never made it thru it!!! Thank you Dianna!! You have made me stronger and healthier than I have been in years!

– Kelly Reda, Matthews, NC

I started boot camp with Dianna after a few years of not exercising regularly and consistently gaining weight.  Without changing my diet, I lost over 10 inches and 10 pounds (two dress sizes), in 12 weeks.  More importantly, my energy and endurance levels increased dramatically.  I began sleeping better and enjoyed overall improved well-being.  I would recommend A Strong You boot camp to everyone, regardless of their age or fitness level.  Dianna really works with each person individually to help them grow stronger and acheive their personal best.  Anyone who tries boot camp will have fun, make friends and experience a positive impact on their health.  I now consider boot camp an essential part of my life.”

– Cara Smith, Charlotte, NC, Age 25

Dianna Akar/A Strong You provides a fantastic, fun and affordable workout with the boot camp program!  Each workout is different with a variety of challenging activities that strengthens my muscles and burns fat.   Each exercise is something new that I can easily repeat at home while working out alone.  Dianna is high energy, encouraging, accommodating and most importantly, fun!

– Joanne Joliet, Charlotte, NC, Age 32

I am a boot camp veteran and plan to do bootcamp again in June. There are all levels that do bootcamp; some very fit and some who have not exercised in years. My objective was to lose a few inches, tone and get rid of some belly fat. I did all of those and it was worth every ounce of effort and sweat. You basically get what you put into the bootcamp. But there is no way you can’t benefit from Diana’s workout. She makes it fun and I am looking so forward to seeing her again in June.

Hope you will try her class. You will be glad you did!!

– Ila Jane Jelenick, Charlotte, NC, Age 50

★★★★★ So I have to admit, I didn’t think I would make it through the first class. But once I was done I was so excited about coming out for the next class!! Boot camp has been GREAT! Dianna is so positive and encouraging but also pushes you to get results. She sincerely wants every person to get to their best!! As well, the other “boot campers” are so friendly. Everyone cheers each other on and instantly you have a support team in place. I am very thankful to have discovered “A Strong You”!

– Chonda Washington

I love Diana and her boot camp. By far the best in Charlotte, in MY opinion. The short version of my story (which she makes me tell all her classes btw) is that I was diagnosed with sarcoid oh who knows how long ago..2004? It sucks for real. I was on meds by doctor’s orders and off meds by my own orders. Forget feeling like working out much less even walking.Fast forward I moved to Charlotte and 4 yrs later found A strong you on groupon and went to my 1st class May 2012. Of course I waited until it was about to expire lol. First class at 6pm in May in the south of Charlotte kicked my butt which is what I needed. I kept going. Mon, Wed, Fri. It was serious and she pushed me to go hard. I dropped maybe 15lbs in those 4 wks which was cool but the best part of this story was going to the pulmonary doctor 2 mths after joing a strong you. After 2 hrs of tests and an exam my doctor wanted to know what I was doing. He and the nurse literally asked “what have you been doing?” I drew a blank. “What?” was my response. Apparently comparing test from previous years I showed a ton of improvement AND get this he said I didn’t need any medication! I said “ohhhh I’m in boot camp ya’ll.” I go to ‪#‎AtrainerThatCares‬ 3 times a wks at 630am. I switched to Rea Rd location lol. I ‪#‎traindirty‬ and I ‪#‎eatclean‬. I do ‪#‎crazysprints‬ and squats for a strong ‪#‎trackbooty‬. I do ‪#‎madplanks‬ for my core and that crazy ‪#‎indianrun‬ has me running 2 miles on my off days. Thank you Diana Akar. I love you to pieces for helping me fight my way back. I still fall off the wagon and my lazy modes still come and go. Then I get crazy mental and get in the zone. It’s def time to drop by even tho it’s freaking cold. U know I don’t do cold lol or hot lol. Try A Strong You ya’ll. Tell ur friends to go. 6 of mine did lol. I moved to NW Charlotte and am trying to figure out how to make the drive fit my work schedule. This is the only reason I’m not a regular at this time. Winners train…losers complain. This is the end of the short version of my story. By the way I am still medicine free on doctor’s orders. ‪#‎winning‬

– Shae Rudd