How to find a Compatible #TrainerThatCares

How to Find the  a Compatible  #TrainerThatCares

(1) Personality.

Interview trainers, ask for a free session to find out if you are compatible and have a list of questions for them. You are investing in your trainer so your trainer needs to be willing to invested in you.

 You may want to ask:

Why did you become a personal trainer and what is your vision for the future? If this isn’t a heartfelt answer or if the future holds something other than being a health and wellness professional this could be a sign they are not committed to wellness.

What area of fitness in particular is this trainer passionate about? If they love teaching group classes and really getting their clients to push the limits, this may not be a good fit if you are looking to improve your posture and imbalances, or if you like to go at your own pace. An exception would be to get into a group program, if the trainer is experienced and progressive to apply smart training.

How often does he assess nutrition? Some trainers are not comfortable asking their clients about nutrition. You may not need nor be interested  in a meal plan but just a little guidance. Working out (7) days a week will only bring you minimum results. Your nutrition choices are 90% of your success and a key element and should not be avoided

When was the last conference, training or research this trainer completed? If it been a while (3-6 months) this can be a sign of lack of interest or passion in their chosen field. This trainer is not keeping up with new research, progression nor  innovation.. Some of the ideas we followed 10 years ago are obsolete and not as safe as we once thought.

What happens when you are struggling with your goals? You want your trainer to be able to provide you with options that will help you push through your set backs.

(2) Education.

There are different levels of education for fitness professionals, ranging from 3 months to 4 years. As long as they have accreditation for a certified personal trainer, they have the knowledge of how to train clients based on their goals and how to teach exercises properly. You may want to speak with present or pass clients. Perhaps you would prefer to work  with a seasoned trainer

You don’t need to hire the first personal trainer you meet unless of course they tick all the boxes and you feel good about them. In the end you want #ATrainerThatCares about your safety, goals, results, and most importantly YOU.

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